Robin BramleyRobin Bramley, Mediator & Director of Consensus Mediation





Director & Consultant Mediator

Consensus Mediation Director Robin Bramley could not have been praised more highly by the Court of Appeal when they considered David Frost-v- Wake Smith and Tofields Solicitors.

Describing a dispute that lasted almost a decade Mr Justice Tomlinson said in the judgment:

"The mediator appointed was a surveyor from East Anglia, Mr Robin Bramley. He was evidently extremely skilled in his task."

"the mediator performed a small miracle"

"this unhappy story ultimately bears testimony to the ability of a skilled mediator to resolve even the most apparently intractable dispute attended by the inevitable animosity of a fractured family relationship."

The case being considered by the Court was one of professional negligence against one of the solicitors involved in two connected mediations arranged by Consensus Mediation for these clients.

It is a fascinating read, and Consensus Mediation is delighted that Robin Bramley's skills and tireless efforts have been both recognised and remarked upon.

Director & Consultant Mediator

Chartered Surveyor


“Just a note to confirm that everything was splendid, and it certainly sorted the matter out”

Excellent – really pleased with his approach to the matter and the parties”


Land Agency

Estate Management



Minerals and Waste Management

Professional negligence




1996 - Academy of Experts, Qualified in Dispute Resolution

1998 - CEDR accredited mediator

Member of RICS panel of mediators

2002 - Director of MiEA (Mediators in East Anglia)

2004 - Director of Consensus Mediation Ltd







Mediation Background

My professional life has revolved around securing objectives for clients, by negotiation. I have extensive experience of Dispute Resolution, as an Arbitrator, and as an Independent Expert Adjudicator, and of Court procedures as an Expert Witness. This background has led me naturally to mediation, which provides a far better method of finding practical answers to difficult problems, without the risks, costs, delays and general damage of seeking imposed solutions. My mediation work has now increased to a level which has enabled me to set up an independent specialist practice in 2003, operating throughout England.

Mediation Experience

I have acted as mediator in a wide range of disputes. My appointments generally stem from one or more of the following factors:

  • General relevant business experience
  • Over 30 years as a property professional
  • A lifetime’s knowledge of farming

Settlements have been reached in the very large majority of my cases and I have a very high success rate in cases where the parties are personally well known to each other and agreement is not expected by them or their advisors.


1992 - Appointed Member of Lord Chancellor’s Panel of Arbitrators

Member of Arbrix

2000 - RICS certificate in Arbitration Practice

2001 - Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

2002 - Diploma in Arbitration


Actively involved in arbitrations under the Agricultural Holdings Acts covering Farm Rents, Landlord and Tenant matters, Dilapidations and Tenants Right as an Advocate, Expert Witness and Arbitrator upon appointment by the parties privately or by the President of the RICS, since 1980.

Various appointments under the Arbitration Act 1996 including determination of value of commercial / industrial estate development.

Ad hoc appointment by agreement of parties to arbitrate outstanding valuation points as part of a mediation settlement.

Independent Expert Adjudication

Various appointments by the President of the RICS and by other parties to adjudicate on Boundary and Building issues.


On behalf of private and local authority clients, I have negotiated transactions involving the sale and purchase of development land, houses, farms and estates, commercial property and mineral waste disposal sites throughout East Anglia.

I have been involved in the strategic planning of family businesses including the management of a generation change and in the numerous day to day negotiations involved in the management of property portfolios.

Expert Witness

Prior to 2002, I acted as an Expert Witness concerning Valuation matters and Professional Negligence as well as in Planning Inquiries.


1974 - Diploma in Farm Business Management
1974 - ARICS


Managing Partner of extensive agricultural and property business with a broad spread of farming enterprises including sheep, cattle, cereals, sugar beet and potatoes, forestry, conservation and diversification.

Director of various agricultural co-operative companies 1980-90.

Trustee and Trustee/Executor of a number of private property trusts and estates for various families since 1982.

Winner of three awards for Farmland Conservation.

Experience of day to day management of 5,000 acres of in hand arable land.

Hands on Experience

Hands on personal experience of practical farming including milking, lambing, pigs, slurry and FYM.


1972 - LL.B Hons - University of Exeter
1974 - ARICS - College of Estate Management, Reading
(RICS Practical Examination – Hugh Cooke Prize for highest overall marks)
1982 - FRICS Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Background and Experience

25 years experience as a Partner, Managing Partner and Senior Partner of a long established firm of Chartered Surveyors in General and Rural Practice based in Norwich and covering East Anglia.

Trebled turnover and merged firm with Brown & Co.

Subsequently partner and now active consultant to Brown & Co, Property and Business Consultants.

Responsible for management of various diverse property portfolios, and transactions involving urban, rural and development property, minerals and leisure.

Client list of private individuals, Trusts, property companies and local authorities.

Managing Director of a waste disposal company 1985-95.

Valuations and appraisals for Banks and Lending Institutions

Responsible for the maintenance, repair and conversion of Listed Buildings including Grade I and Grade II* Historic houses.

Examples of key issues dealt with successfully in recent mediations include:

General Commercial Cases

  • Breach of Contract - Damages
  • Loss of business
  • Misrepresentation
  • Alleged slander
  • Break up of, or loggerheads in - Family Businesses, Business Partnerships or companies
  • The business consequences at the ending of marital or extra marital partnerships
  • The consequent division of shares, property, profits/losses, assets, liabilities and tax
  • The maintenance of business relationships
  • Disputes in connection with Wills, Trusts and the duties of Directors.

Agricultural Cases

  • Dairy Herd Performance
  • Dispute between feed supplier, formulation consultant and farmer over rations
  • Herd management
  • Breeding policy etc
  • Horticulture
  • Impact on wholesale vegetable nursery stock contract of defective specialist fertiliser
  • Loss of profit, goodwill
  • Farm Building Construction
  • Defective slurry system
  • Defective concrete
  • Defective cubicles
  • Contamination & pollution
  • Equestrian Business
  • Neighbours
  • Nuisance
  • Boundaries
  • Family Farming Businesses
  • Subdivision of farms
  • Companies
  • Tenancies
  • Value of land, houses, machinery, crops
  • Many interpersonal issues

Property Cases

  • Option agreements
  • Overage
  • Ransom strips, Easements & Offsite costs
  • Planning
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Compensation
  • Injurious affection
  • Joint Ventures & Profit shares
  • Contaminated land
  • Hope Value
  • Estimates v Quotations, and extra Costs
  • Listed buildings
  • Negligent Survey
  • Asbestos, Health & Safety
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Management of Investment Portfolio
  • Protected Tenancies
  • Sale or Purchase of let properties
  • Repairs and Dilapidations
  • Housing Association contracts
  • Negligent valuation
  • Boundaries
  • Adverse possession
  • Disputed access rights
  • Easements of Common Intention
  • Plans, Deeds and Fences
  • Trespass
  • Nuisance
  • Numerous consequent neighbour issues
  • Valuation & Compensation


Ampleforth, Exeter University

Norfolk College of Agriculture

Reading University


1972 Turnbull & Co Chartered Surveyors

1975 Francis Hornor & Son (established 1794)

1978 Francis Hornor & Son, Partner

1989 Francis Hornor & Son, Managing Partner

1991 - 1996 Francis Hornor & Son, Senior Partner

1996 - 2001 Francis Hornor Brown & Co, Partner

2001 - to date Brown & Co, Consultant

2002 Mediators in East Anglia, Director

2004 Consensus Mediation, Director

Public Appointments

1983 - 2000 - Justice of the Peace

1993 - 1998 - Rota Group Chairman

1990 - 2000 - Vice Chairman, Family Panel

2001 - to date - Supplemental List

1989 - 1999 - Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Authority Member, on appointment by the Secretary of State. This is the National Park Authority for the Broads.

Former Chairman, The Broads Society.

1984 - 2001 - Norfolk Police Authority, Vice Chairman, Property Committee dealing with £60 million PFI project

Committee Member/Chairman of various social, sporting and conservation bodies.