Mediation - help us to help you

Help us to help you

When you first contact us you may be looking for discrete pieces of information such as the availability of a certain mediator or their fees.

We can, of course, provide this information but its overall value will be enhanced if you give us:

  • Names - of parties - so we can do a conflict of interest check with the mediator at the outset.
  • Notice - as much as possible - it is often the case that the parties decide upon a date between them and are then disappointed if their preferred mediator is not available.
  • Information - as much as possible about the case and the claim value. Then we can suggest the most suitable mediators, and quote proportionately.

Brief the person who makes the initial enquiry, often a trainee, the information they need to be able to allow us to help to the very best of our ability.

Be frank - tell us if it is a very early speculative enquiry or a case that has a realistic chance of proceeding to mediation in the short term. Both are legitimate enquiries but the information we provide may need to be conditional or time limited so that mediators' diaries are not filled unnecessarily.