Check logistics and practicalities for the mediation day:

  • Date and start time of the Mediation?
  • Location of the Mediation?
  • Parking? Other transport needs?
  • Who is travelling with whom? Book train tickets, arrange lifts etc.
  • Book overnight accommodation?
  • Inform everyone in your party of all logistical information. Better to duplicate it than miss something.
  • If there are any changes to the individuals attending the Mediation, inform all parties and Consensus as soon as possible. Make sure that any 'substitutes' have authority to settle if necessary..
  • Inform Consensus if any members of your party have particular access, dietary, or other requirements – in good time to allow provision to be made.
Remember, these issues may also be a determining factor in the choice of venue and therefore may also need to be factored in to your negotiations with the other party/ies about where the mediation is to be held.

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