Anthony Glaister

Anthony Glaister, Mediator


Solicitor (non practising)


  • Building and
  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership
  • Professional negligence
  • Landlord & Tenant


A seasoned mediator of over 20 years, practicing full time with additional skills as an arbitrator and adjudicator, Anthony Glaister mediates in the main in property, partnership and building disputes. His penchant for highly emotive disputes make him particularly suited to partnership and family ones setting high store to developing good rapport with parties and their representative. He has an eye for detail and takes thorough preparation for mediations seriously.

A panel member of Consensus for 15 year, he chairs the Civil Mediation Council regulatory committee and the Association of Northern Mediators, and is an active member of his local community mediation provider and numerous inter faith groups such as BIMA and Jewish Voice for Peace.

Anthony Glaister has conducted hundreds of mediations covering a wide variety of sectors. The following are examples of some of the disputes mediated:-
  • Negligence claim of a residential care home against and Architect for the negligent design of a nursing home extension. The claim was in excess of £250,000.00 and was successfully settled during a one-day mediation.
  • Personal injury claim involving an operator's loss of an arm in a hydraulic baling press. The claim value of over £300,000.00 was successfully settled in a mediation of less than one day.
  • Acting as a representative in a mediation involving the final account of a steelwork sub-contractor against a major contractor. The claim of approximately £190,00.00 was settled just after the mediation was concluded by agreement.
  • Property company claim against major contractor for share in joint venture agreement that never took off. Settled for a nominal sum in less than a day.
  • Claim between Leeds City Council and builder in respect of civil engineering work to a retail/residential development. The claim for loss and delay exceeded £276,000.00 and was successfully settled in less than a day.
  • Claim under the Court of Appeal Mediation Scheme between banker and client. Whilst this was unsuccessful, it lasted less than a day.
  • Claims arising under a de-merger agreement between two companies. There were alleged breaches in respect of the costs of repairs to company premises. The claim exceeded £80,000.00 and was settled for £35,000.00 in less than a day.
  • Professional negligence claim against Architect and claim in respect of contract works against builder. Whilst it did not settle in the day's mediation, it settled within the week for the sum offered in the mediation.
  • Partnership dispute with nursing home operators with claims in excess of £600,000.00. Settled for £100,000.00 plus costs in one day's mediation.
  • Commission claim between agent and Insurance Company. Settled in half a day for £25,000.00.
  • Property dispute between landlord, an agricultural estate, a tenant and a farmer concerning complex rights of way, maintenance and disturbance. Settled in a day's mediation with complex terms of agreement.
  • Contractual claim between warehouse operator and manufacturer for storage, damage and transport following alleged breach of distribution agreement. The claim of in excess of £1.9 million settled shortly after the mediation.
  • Professional negligence dispute involving a firm of Solicitors in a property transaction. Claims in excess of £600,000.00 settled for £250,000.00 after one day's mediation.
  • Claim between retailer and petrol company involving misrepresentation following a distribution agreement. The claim exceeded £250,000.00. Settled after a day's mediation for £95,000.00.

In addition to the above, I have carried out numerous other mediations involving landlord and tenant and general breach of contract disputes, as well as acted as a representative in mediations. The mediation dialogue is primarily on a person to person basis, but occasionally it is conducted by telephone/e-mail.